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context based sponsorship listing

I'm happy to announce today we finally have context based sponsorship listings. What does this mean? Well, when you go to you end up hitting one of several reverse proxy servers. These hosts are located all over the world by different hosting providers. Before today they all just ended on the page.

Now though, if you look down the left side of you'll get a small banner ad for who's providing that hosting. If you hit Ibiblio's host, you'll get the Ibiblio logo. If you hit Tummy's host, you'll get the tummy banner. This is good for a lot of reasons. First of all, I've been looking for more ways to get our sponsors known. They do amazing work for us so I'm quite happy to be able to better get the word out.

Also, when we finally have a full CDN setup, geoip will send people to hosts that are near them for content. This will ultimately help get our sponsors more in touch with people that might potentially use their services. If you want hosting and like Fedora please do consider one of our sponsors. We're happy with all of the service providers we have and at the very least they care enough to donate hosting, remote hands, bandwidth, etc to Fedora. We're hoping to get our other sites to use this new mechanism soon. Special thanks to tmz and sijis for working on this.


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