Want to work on OpenShift?

Hey all, we've got some fresh job openings in OpenShift if you're interested. These are ops positions to help run one of the fastest growing Platform as a Services out there. If you like cloud computing and challenging work you should at least take a look:

Operations Support Engineer: (An interesting way to apply packaging expertise for you packagers out there).

Site Reliability Engineer: (think noc-2.0. Lots of scripting, measuring, and automation)

Site Reliability Operations Engineering Manager:

If any of those look interesting and you know any Red Hat'ers let them know and have them apply for you!

Protect your email!

Ok everyone, here's the scoop. I've known a lot of people get their email accounts stolen recently. How do you protect against it? Gmail and Yahoo both support two factor auth. Here's how it works. When you (or someone who is not you) tries to log in, after you type your password, Yahoo or Google will send a text message to your phone with a number in it. You type that number in after your password to get through. This makes it very hard to steal your email account if they don't also have your phone.

So how do you do it?

With yahoo go to Account Info, then under "Sign-In and Security click on "Set up your second sign-in verification"

With gmail go to Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Other Google Account settings -> Security -> 2-step verification.

Don't forget, if someone has your email account, it's typically very easy for them to log in to your other accounts just by requesting a password reset from them, then checking YOUR email for the password. This is a little painful but well worth the added protection.

Looking for good people

Hey all. I'm looking for some pretty key positions and wanted to see if any of our community were interested.

Position 1: Security Specialist / Engineer for a cloud computing role:

Position 2: Storage Engineer / Operations for a part ops part engineering role:

Ignore the locations for now, if you're good at this stuff and passionate about technology, at least apply.

What success looks like

Say what you will about Google but with some of their projects like android and Chrome, they've done very well for themselves. Chrome in particular has been interesting to watch. I didn't even realize I was unhappy with Firefox until I tried Chrome. It's only been out for a few years at this point and entered a market that, quite frankly, is hard to get traction in. Anyway, the competition's been good.

Understanding PaaS (and cloud computing)

If you can stomach a little shameless self-promotion I'm happy to announce my book "Understanding PaaS" has been published:

If you're not quite sure how cloud computing can change how you work or if you're not sure about the difference between software, platform, and infrastructure as a service then this book is for you.

It give a quick overview of different cloud offerings and explains how Platform as a Service (PaaS) is different. It's not heavy on technical content, but it's more targeted for those in a technology industry and is a quick read. I'll be releasing a second edition by the end of the year so comments / questions welcome.

If you want to try out Red Hat's free PaaS, do it!