mmcgrath (mmcgrath) wrote,

Projeto Fedora?

Thats right, some of our volunteers have been hard at work (ivazquez and ricky in particular). These guys with the help of some others have gotten our new website in a bit better shape.

Whats that you say? It looks like it did for the F7 launch. Yes, yes it does. But the way its generated is quite a bit different this time and for the F8 launch we'll have translations. One of which is already up:

More translations are on the way, if you're a translator, help translate and proof what's there! We had initially scheduled it for Fedora 9 but the work is done already so F8 it is!

Want to work on the Fedora website on your own? You can completely re-design it or just make suggestions! If we like it your design might just use it, here's the code for you to play with:

git clone git:// && cd fedora-web/ && make && cd out && firefox index.html.en

Stick your version on and we'll take a look :)

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