mmcgrath (mmcgrath) wrote,

What a week!

Jan 9th: Arrive to Raleigh, head in to work for a little bit.
Jan 10th: Meetings, work, meetings
Jan 11th: Hackfest, didn't get anything done as usual.  Had to help others, comes with the territory.
Jan 12th: FUDCon - Initial feelings of a cold (not the only one :-/)  Gave two talks.  One on the Infrastructure setup, one with Paul Frields about single sign on and lowering the barriers.
Jan 13th: Hackfest - Drove to the airport a lot to drop people off.
Jan 14th: Meetings, work, Meetings.  Dinner at Seths, soup did the soul good.  Still feeling sick.
Jan 15th: Work, Meetings Work, flew out to Phoenix instead of back home to Chicago.  No more clean clothes at that point. Ate Glezos' chocolate for dinner.
Jan 16th: Head in to colo.  Rack new disk tray and tape drive.  Minor cable cleanup (there's only so much time).
Jan 17th: Verify all pdu labels, server labels, kvm labels, and cyclades go to the server they claim to.  Fly home.  Pass out for the night, hope to shake the cold.
Jan 18th: Sleeeeep
Jan 19th: Head to Iowa to visit old friend.

FUDCon was awesome as always.  Its always exhausting but well well worth it.

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