mmcgrath (mmcgrath) wrote,

What is Fedora: Part 1.

As promised -

> (a) Define a target audience for the Fedora distribution (or maybe narrow the
> definition to "default spin")--without a clear target audience for our product
> there is a lack of clarity around when we are "done."  It also makes it
> difficult to make decisions about release quality and release composition.

Experienced users and people that wish to aid in leading our industry
through contribution, experimentation and science.  (inventors,
tinkerers, hackers)

I think Fedora should target these users for several reasons.

1. It plays to our current strengths. We are already surrounded by these people. I have never in my life worked with such bright and capable people before. I'm not just talking about the various technologists, but in our ambassadors, design team, docs, etc. They're all good people and many of those teams need more good people.

2. I think these types of users are the most likely to be converted into contributors. A cycle that helps protect Fedora's future by ensuring fresh people are always coming around to take the place of new needs and to replace those that have left.

3. In being first. Fedora regularly overshoots it's means. I don't intend this to be in a bad light. We slipped again with the F12 beta. We slip several releases for whatever reason. At the end of the day though, what we tried to do and what we were able to do in the time allotted, didn't pan out. Experienced users understand this and for features that they are about are more likely to contribute or work with us on specific problems.

4. Aside from Gentoo it doesn't seem anyone is really focusing on this group of people. And even Gentoo seems (IMO) to be doing it in more of a power user way providing a distro for power users, not a place (Fedora Project) and distro.

5. Many of these users also work in enterprise environments where they'll be using CentOS, Scientific Linux or RHEL. It seems natural they'd want to stay in the same family of distributions and I suspect it is where several of our contributors and users come from anyway (that's where I initially came from).

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