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What Is Fedora: Part 2.

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> (b) Set some broad goals for where we want the Fedora Distirbution to look
> like a few release from now--say when Fedora 15 is released. What should
> those be?

1) An easy automated way to provide tests and the answers to those tests.
IE: QA, targeted metric for some given configuration.

This is a "wouldn't it be nice" thing. I have no idea on plans for implementation. But once our automated QA system is setup it would be nice to further broaden it to other hardware platforms and users to do tests, sign off on things. Also provide a way for developers to run tests.

2) More ISVs and start-ups have packages in the distribution.

There has been a stronger push towards this in general and I'd like to see more success in this area if that's even possible. This can be done through better education of upstream providers to use free software licenses. As well as providing one on one help with packaging.

One such metric that was done recently was to try to estimate the number of monitoring solutions installed in the Fedora realm. This can be used to contact other monitoring ISV's (like zenoss) to show the value in providing this software and giving concrete numbers around the possible market for some given software type. More software options in Fedora is a win for everyone.

3) More Architectures.  "Does Fedora run on $TOASTER?"  Yes.

We're doing so much leading wrt software anyway it seems silly we're not leading this field as well. Secondary architectures is starting to take off. Hopefully by F15 we'll have a rich set of different devices Fedora will run on. We're also starting to put forward additional resources for this type of distribution which should take some load off of the individual teams.

4) A better reputation as a place to bring new ideas to be tested and
presented as well as a better acceptance that failure of a new idea is not
a bad thing.

I just really like the idea of Fedora being a lab for people. If the kernel guys need to check something, come here. If Dell wants to start shipping a new free software bios updater. Start here. Some new startup has a killer app? Start here. We have the expertise for distribution integration, have seen just about every pitfall there is and I'm positive we can handle any pitfalls we haven't seen. This facility in general can help move the industry forward at a much quicker pace then currently.

5) By F15 I'd like to see a killer virtualization management system in
Fedora.  What we have now is a lot of disparate tools.  All of which are
getting better, none of which are on the level with the likes of vmware.

I'm knee deep in virtualization about every day doing this and that. The stuff Fedora offers in the virtualization world is just not that great right now. Especially if I'm at a company that doesn't care about free software. There's lots of stuff already out there, not only that but Red Hat is working on several of their own solutions at this moment. I'd hope by F15 we will have picked one, properly integrated it in the distribution and added whatever features we need to be a do-it-yourself 'cloud' (eww) distro.

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