mmcgrath (mmcgrath) wrote,

We need more Mirrors

We've seen an absolute explosion in available mirrors lately, thanks almost entirely to the efforts of Matt Domsch our official mirror wrangler. Matt also put some maps together (below). It becomes clear that we need some more mirrors that are not in North America or Europe. We're doing ok in South America but could do better. In Africa and areas east of Europe we could use some help. India and China both have a solid concentration of users but China only has one mirror, India has none.

(Above) See a list of mirrors we have around the world.

(Above) This is taken from a sampling of Fedora installs that have recently contacted for a mirror list. As most people know, our site uses GeoIP to send people to a mirror that is geographically close to them. It defaults to global when none can be found (recent additions do have a few fall backs including continent before going to global). We love our mirrors and want to get some more.

If you live in an area that has few mirrors please take some time to try to find someone who can be a mirror for Fedora. Perhaps you already know someone who has a Fedora mirror and just hasn't registered it in Mirror Manager I'm particularly hoping ambassadors will take up this charge

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