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Network Manager

Anyone know how to get network manager to stop altering my /etc/resolv.conf?
Hey all, if you've never used MongoDB and are wondering what all the fuss is about, OpenShift launched support for MongoDB today. Here's the official announcement:


here's a how-to from one of my partners in crime Mark Atwood:


Try it out, let us know how it goes. I'm particularly interested in use cases. What on earth are you using mongo for anyway? :)

Chromebook Review

I like cool new technology as much as anybody. I'm also a big fan of cloud computing. As such I jumped at the chance to test out a new chromebook. I ended up getting one with wifi only as I don't intend on traveling with it. When I ordered it I had pretty high hopes. Just a simple device that I can do basic editing via google docs, some installable tools (hurray netflix!), lots of little apps that you don't need much if any local storage/cache for.

Ok, so the chromebook arrives. DOA. Monitor won't come on when powered on and it has that lovely... smell that you would associate with busted electronics. Eh, whatever. These things happen. So I send it off, it gets repaired in a couple of weeks and sent back.

I power it on, sign in and bam, I can browse the web. It's pretty easy to get going, about what one would expect. Unfortunately that's really where the good times end. In order for this to be a viable primary device for the McGrath household, it really needs to be one of the best browsing experiences you can have and it's really not.

First, it's not fast. Pages do not load fast, video gets choppy. Nothing is more annoying then getting half way through a yoga routine and having it halt. Just halt, for a good 10-15 seconds while it re-buffers. Not only that but netflix quality is pretty poor. I now have 6 devices of some kind or another at home that can properly stream netflix. All of them have better quality then the chromebook. Yet all of them are older then the chromebook, some by several years.

Another annoyance is the mouse pad. To scroll up and down you need to put two fingers on the pad and move them up or down. This is reasonably convenient. But the clicker is part of the mouse pad. So if my thumb is resting, waiting to click, while my finger scrolls. The cursor doesn't behave as one would expect.

I actually do like the keyboard, battery life is ok. But when the whole UI is a browser, that browser experience needs to be amazing. Bottom line, I really don't think this was worth the money. I might return it, or try to put something else on there.

Thank You Software Raid

Not only did you make it easy to protect my data, but when I put you in a completely new box, in the wrong order, you didn't complain and you booted right up.

Wish I could say the same about my other... eh-hem... operating systems.

Speaking at SVCCG on Sat.

I'll be in San Jose on Sat the 24th talking about cloud computing. It's a pretty technical talk so if you're interested in the inner workings of a PaaS platform see if you can make it out to the Paypal campus.


Presenting at an HPC conference on Monday

If anyone's going to be in NYC on Monday and wants to see me talk about High Performance Computing in the cloud, come to http://www.flaggmgmt.com/hpc/. Lots of great speakers will be there, should be an interesting conference even if you're not so much in the financial sector of computing.

No more booting for me

I thought we had protections in place to not actually remove the current running version of the kernel. I've got 3 left on F14 and none of them boot.

Ahwell, I guess it'll be nice to take part of the morning off. The question is what to install?

Looking for system ninjas

OpenShift (http://openshift.redhat.com/) is looking for some systems engineers, packagers and general free software experts to help work on OpenShift. If you like systems engineering, administration or packaging and are interested in cloud work email me - mmcgrath redhat.com and I'll tell you more about it. This is some truly unique work pushing new technologies to their absolute limits. Plus it's great to work with free software and get paid in the process :)

openshift is here!

For the curious wondering about what I've been up to for the last several months, it's openshift. And it's finally public.


Go use it, let me know how it goes. It's free!

Take some time away

Sometimes it's hard for us free software types to get away from the computer. I was reminded tonight of a good reason to get away. It's demonstrated in python but happens in many (most?) languages/platforms:

In [1]: 0.4-0.3==0.1
Out[1]: False

Merry Christmas!